Xlear’s xylitol nasal spray recipe only contains four simple ingredients.

Xlear, Inc. is one of our major partners and their namesake nose wash is a worldwide favorite being sold in South Africa, the EU, Australia, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and even in Russia to name but a few. But what are the four ingredients that make up this nose wash and why do they work so well?  We’re going to break down their xylitol nasal spray recipe for you.

Purified Water:

You hear a lot of talk about purified water, but what does “purified” actually mean?  Purified water can come from any source because it goes through the purification process.  The purification process removes any chemicals or contaminants that may be in the water.  It can be purified several ways including distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration.


If you’re unfamiliar with our website xylitol might be an unknown word to you.  So what is xylitol?  Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that looks and tastes just like table sugar.  It is widely found in nature, mostly in fruits and vegetables, but is also produced in small amounts by the human body. Chemically it looks like this: a combination of carbon (black), oxygen (blue), and hydrogen (yellow).

So why did Xlear put a sweetener in their nasal spray recipe?  Xlear Inc. actually began when they licensed the nasal spay and the name from the Texas physician and his wife who put the combination together to prevent their grand daughter’s recurring ear infections. They tell their story and why preventing ear infections is much better than treating them here. The spray worked so well his step son suggested they patent it. Then he went to the FDA. “I have a really neat way to wash the nose,” he told them. “We don’t have a category for nose washing, they replied, “What does that do?” He told them, “If your nose is clean you don’t get ear and sinus infections, and allergies and asthma are better.” “Then it’s a drug,” they said. So he went to the pharmaceutical industry. Initial interest there evaporated when they found out that xylitol was a natural product and widely available. If this industry cannot control a product and make the profits needed to get passed by the FDA there is no interest. So they began selling their nose wash through local health food stores. Nathan Jones contacted them and persuaded them that he could market it better than they could. That’s how Xlear in Utah got started.

Research has shown that xylitol makes it harder for infectious germs to hold on in the nose and if they cannot hold on they are easily washed out and are not there to cause infections. Research has also shown that our noses need an adequate amount of water in the air we breathe in order for our defenses there to work properly. Xylitol pulls small amounts of water into the nose, which works to optimize our own nasal defenses. If the defense of your favorite football team is optimal the other team will not score; that seems to be what xylitol does when it’s sprayed regularly into the nose. Since xylitol reduces the germs, pollutants and irritants from holding on in the nose and enhances our own washing defenses regular use of a xylitol nasal spray results in fewer respiratory infections and easier breathing to name some of the xylitol health benefits.  In a nutshell, xylitol helps cleanse and moisturize the nasal passageway, the “drug” benefits are secondary to the cleaning.


First, what is saline?  A lot of people are aware of it, but for those who aren’t let’s explain.  Saline is plain and simply salt water.  So why is saline an excellent addition to a xylitol nasal spray recipe?

Saline solutions can help restore moisture to the nasal passages and sinuses.  It can also help with inflammation and thinning the mucus.

Grapefruit Seed Extract:

Xlear’s xylitol nasal spray recipe includes grapefruit seed extract (GSE) as a natural preservative.  GSE is derived from the seeds, membranes, and the pulp of the grapefruit.  It is often used as a purifier, antiseptic, and preservative.

That’s it!  That’s everything in Xlear’s xylitol nasal spray recipe.  Because their nasal spray doesn’t contain any steroids or other anti-inflammation products, you will never have to worry about rebound congestion using Xlear Nasal Spray.  Xlear recommends using their product daily, in the morning and evening.  However, you can use it whenever you’re feeling a little stuffed up due to a cold or flu or simply allergies.  Find it in stores near you, or through their online shop.

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