Xylitol is an amazing naturally occurring sugar.  It was first found and isolated in wood products.  We’ve grown a bit since then and now it is commercially harvested from mainly corn cobs and birch.  Xylitol is considered a sugar alcohol, since it has five carbons in its chemical structure.  

It’s most commonly known as a sweetener.  But many don’t know the amazing benefits it comes with.  Some of the benefits xylitol comes with are helping prevent ear infections, helping prevent cavities, it also has fewer calories than sugar, and is a safe alternative for diabetics.  

Since it comes with so many benefits, you want to make sure you get the maximum bang for your buck.  To gain all the benefits xylitol boasts, you want to have one-gram doses five times a day.  

However, remember to keep xylitol products on high shelves, or in closed cupboards and drawers.  Basically keep it away from anywhere your pets can get to since it can be poisonous to dogs.  Some individuals also experience gastric issues like gas, bloating, and diarrhea, although this usually occurs when over 40 grams per day is consumed.

Xylitol sweeteners come in granulated crystals, just like regular sugar.  It can be used in baking, coffee or tea, or anywhere you would normally use table sugar.  It is also commonly found in gums, mints, and other snack foods.  Be careful when buying gums that claim they are xylitol sweetened.  You’ll want to check the ingredients and make sure the gum is sweetened 100% with xylitol and not any other nasty sweeteners.   

You can find xylitol sweeteners in many brick and mortar stores near you, and if you struggle to find them at your local retailers, they are popular in health food stores.  You can also order them online.  Visit our xylitol products page to find xylitol based products for your family including sweeteners, oral health products, and sinus care products.  

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Xylitol: Naturally Occurring Sugar
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