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Sugar is the ultimate enemy of good nutrition. Today there is ample evidence of the health problems caused by sugar, as well as more and more research demonstrating the positive health effects of xylitol nutrition in the diet.

Glycemic Index

Learn more about the latest research into the nutritional benefits of xylitol

publication: Canadian Diabetes Association (06/07/2010)
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Perio Reports Vol. 21 No. 7
publication: Hygienetown (07/01/2009)
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Low-Digestible Carbohydrates in Practice
publication: American Dietetic Association (10/01/2008)

Who has diabetes in Canada?
publication: Health Council of Canada (03/01/2007)
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Glycemic Response
publication: Virgo Publishing (07/18/2006)
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The Sweet Thereafter
publication: Virgo Publishing (03/06/2006)
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Sugar Alcohols Fact Sheet
publication: International Food Information Council (09/01/2004)
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Xylitol: Our Sweet Salvation?
publication: The Spectrum (02/01/2003)

Supplement to Alternatives
publication: Mountain Home Publishing (01/01/2003)

Metabolic Response to Lactitol and Xylitol in Healthy Men
publication: PubMed (04/01/1997)
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The effects of equal, xylitol, sucrose and starch on diabetics
publication: PubMed (07/01/1981)

Sugar Substitutes in the Diabetic Diet
publication: PubMed (01/01/1976)

publication: IPCS Inchem (11/30/-0001)
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Xylitol: A Sweet Alternative
publication: Vitamin Research Products (11/30/-0001)
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Xylitol: A Sweetener for Health
publication: Joel Tietge (11/30/-0001)

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