Reason Why Xylitol Could Change Your Life

Xylitol Health Benefits: A Sweet Alternative

Although xylitol tastes and looks exactly like sugar, that is where the similarities end. Xylitol is like sugar, except there are xylitol health benefits. While excessive sugar wreaks havoc on the body, xylitol heals and repairs. It also builds immunity, protects against chronic disease and has anti-aging benefits.


Clearing the nasal passages

Research suggests significant xylitol health benefits such as as a nasal spray. When infectious germs in the sinuses adhere to mucous membranes and nasal tissues, they can lead to infection and disease. The addition of  xylitol to saline nasal spray makes it both harder for many of these invaders to hold on, and for our natural defenses to wash them out.

 Since xylitol reduces the germs, pollutants and irritants from sticking to the tissue, regular use of xylitol nasal spray results in fewer respiratory infections and easier breathing to name some of the xylitol health benefits. The concentration of xylitol stimulates our own defensive washing of the nose. Additionally, xylitol decreases the concentration of salt in the airway surface fluid which helps our own antibiotic substances there to be more effective—the problem with saline.

Preventing ear infections

In well controlled studies, doctors in Finland found that 8 grams of xylitol, taken orally every day, prevented about 40% of ear infections. The same group of Finnish doctors showed that xylitol makes it hard for the infection causing bacteria to hold on, and if they can’t hold on they are just washed out. These bacteria live in the nose and in his early study using xylitol nasally Dr. Jones, using almost a thousand times less xylitol than the Finns oral dose, followed 10 children with chronic ear infections and saw them decrease by more than 90% when the xylitol containing spray was used at every diaper change. That study is reproduced at our companion site.

 Reducing intraocular pressure

The use of xylitol has been cited in a European patent for treating intraocular pressure – a condition that can develop into glaucoma, a serious disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. It has been reported that the use of a topical solution containing xylitol resulted in lower intraocular pressure.

Reducing periodontal disease–and heart disease?

Bacteria causing periodontal disease live and multiply beneath the gums of otherwise healthy individuals; most people do not know they have a problem. One of the earliest signs of periodontal disease is bleeding when brushing. People with this problem lose their teeth early because the gums the help to hold them in place get weaker and less effective with this infection. But that is only part of the problem. Bacteria under the the gums have ready access to the body’s circulation and are one of the major causes of the inflammation that leads to heart attacks. Doctors like Bradley Bale, (Beat the Heart Attack Gene: The Revolutionary Plan to Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes) writing about how to prevent heart attacks are encouraging the regular use of oral xylitol to help prevent these problems.

Healing wounds

Chronic wounds, caused by poor circulation associated with diabetes or vascular disease, commonly result in amputation of the extremity. Wound care doctors, like Randy Wolcott, who use xylitol in their wound dressing have been able to heal significantly more wounds than earlier methods. They credit the ability of xylitol to interfere with the adherence of the bacteria infecting these wounds as the reason behind the benefit. They show that xylitol has this effect on a broad range of bacteria beside those shown early on that are the cause of tooth decay and upper respiratory infections. Note: Xylitol is a food – not a drug; therefore, there are no label claims for any xylitol health benefits products.

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Medical Benefits of Xylitol
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