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Using xylitol every day leads to amazing benefits for your teeth and overall oral health. Because of the 5-carbon structure of the xylitol molecule, bacteria molecules are unable to metabolize xylitol. This stops the production of bacterial acids that cause tooth decay. Dental patients can be encouraged to use xylitol everyday to have a decrease in dental bacteria and reduction of dental caries. Encourage patients to use xylitol five times a day: brushing with 100% xylitol toothpastes at the beginning and end of the day, and using a xylitol gum or candy after each meal.

For Doctors

Xylitol’s 5-carbon structure can be processed by humans for energy. However, xylitol cannot be processed in the same way by many pathogenic bacteria. In addition, xylitol decreases the bacteria’s ability to adhere to body tissues, especially in the human nose and mouth. Furthermore, xylitol has the unique effect of diminishing bacteria’s ability to produce biofilm – thereby making the bacteria more susceptible to antibiotic and natural immune system defenses.

For Nutritionists

Our generation is plagued with sugar obsession. Research demonstrates that normal table sugar debilitates the body, causing a variety of health problems. Xylitol, in comparison, causes a variety of health benefits when included in a regular diet. See articles about how xylitol can best be incorporated into a healthy diet.

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