Many of us suffer from allergies when the seasons change. So what are the differences between spring and fall allergies, and how can you help fight fall allergies this year?

Which Allergies Occur in the Spring?

The most common spring allergy is tree pollen. Trees release pollen into the air as a way of reproducing, but unfortunately that pollen can get into our airways and cause an allergic response. Spring allergies tend to be worse in the mornings and on warm days, and especially windy days. Spring allergies can be difficult to avoid and many might find the need for an allergy relief medication.

Which Allergies Occur in the Fall?

Fall allergies tend to occur due to ragweed pollen. Ragweed grows throughout the US, has 17 different species, and releases pollen from August to November. Ragweed usually reaches its peak levels in mid-September.

Mold is also a common trigger for fall allergies. Because the fall tends to be moist and humid, it creates many welcome habitats for mold to grow. The growing mold releases spores into the air to reproduce, which can cause runny noses, itchy, watery eyes and sneezing.

How You Can Fight Fall Allergies

We obviously want to find the solution to allergy symptoms, but we also would prefer this solution to be natural. That’s where a saline nasal spray with xylitol comes into play. We all know a saline nasal spray is a great natural way to help moisten the nose, but a saline alone nasal spray can cause dryness and irritation. When xylitol is added to saline nasal spray it helps keep the sinuses moisturized and helps wash the nose of debris and allergens. Used regularly it is the best way to optimize our normal defenses that keep our noses clean and free of allergens.

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How Xylitol Can Help Fight Fall Allergies
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