How often do you chew gum? It’s a habit that a lot of people do multiple times a day. Chewing gum is often a stress reliever, and can help curb cravings. It’s also the perfect solution for after meals, leaving your mouth feeling and smelling clean.

If chewing gum is a habit for you, then choosing the right kind of gum is important. Certain chewing gums are better at freshening your breath, while others, like the sugary brands, can actually be detrimental to your oral health.

Choosing a xylitol gum is the best option for your oral health. The xylitol in the gum actually helps prevent dental caries and helps maintain a natural pH level in the mouth. Xylitol also helps promote saliva production, which helps combat dry mouth.

So where can you buy xylitol gum? Not usually at the check out counter of your local grocery store. These are from the big manufacturers and they will use less xylitol than is really optimal. But they will still proudly claim XYLITOL on the label. If you read the ingredients list that is on all packages you will see that xylitol is way down the line. The best gums have xylitol listed first; that means it is the major ingredient–and these are the gums you want. Many big box stores carry these gums, but they are not likely at the check out. All health food stores carry xylitol gums where it is the first ingredient.

If it is a particular brand that you’re looking for, doing a simple online search will find your favorite and often where it is available. Most brands have an online web store you can purchase their products from; and xylitol gum brands are often available on Amazon.

But if chewing gum is a habit for you, do you really want to order your gum online and wait for it to be shipped? No, you probably want to stop into a local store and grab a pack on any given day.

So where do you buy xylitol gum locally? Many xylitol gum brands will have a store locator that will pinpoint locations near you that carry the product.

You can also find a list of gums and other products on our xylitol products page.  For your benefit we’ve included links to where you can purchase many of these products.

Now that you have the answer to where to buy xylitol gum, we want to know your favorite.

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Where to Buy Xylitol Gum?
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