Sweet treats can get you into trouble.  We all know this, and our dentists like to remind us each time we visit and have to get a cavity filled.  But there’s finally a way to enjoy your sweet treats and not get your teeth in trouble.  Xylitol is your answer.

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol.  It is natural, it’s organic, it’s healthy, our bodies love it, which we know from a dental perspective.  The more xylitol was researched, the more excited dental professionals became.  It’s a really unique product and sweetener that actually helps fight cavities.

In our mouths we have good bacteria, that are there for digestion, and we have bad bacteria that creates diseases like cavities and gum disease.  If bad bacteria eat xylitol, they get really bad indigestion and are unable to make any acid.  Therefore they don’t make cavities.  Which means you can have a sweet treat, and actually be helping fight off cavities, rather than create them!

Dentists recommend getting five to seven grams of xylitol in your system per day.  They also recommend these grams be spread throughout the day in one gram doses.  That might sound like a lot, or a difficult task, but it’s quite simple.  If you brush your teeth morning and night, there are two of your five done right there.  Do you use a mouthwash?  What about floss?  Or gum?

The beauty of xylitol products is that you don’t have to change your routine or add anything to it.  The only difference you will make is the brand of toothpaste or mouthwash you leave the store with.  Instead of using the popular brands like Colgate or Crest, switch to a brand that contains xylitol.  Many dental care products containing xylitol are available at main retailers.  It’s rare that you will have to order online or visit a health food store, but that might be the case.

Visit our xylitol products page to see the best xylitol options for your dental health, and find out where you can purchase them.

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Sweet Treats for Dental Health
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