Can xylitol play a role in your dental care program?  People around the world are now using this all-natural sweetener.  While it was discovered in the late 19th century, xylitol didn’t really begin making its way into the public consciousness until research in the 1970s in Finland lead to some rather impressive conclusions.  What researchers in Finland discovered was that xylitol was extremely useful for inhibiting the growth of the bacteria that causes cavities.  Since that realization has gone public, dentists are recommending xylitol to their patients.  In fact, these days it seems everyone who cares about his or her health is scrambling to learn more about this amazing healthy substance.

Xylitol Inhibits Bacteria Growth

Cavities are caused in part by bacteria, and xylitol has the ability to greatly reduce this issue.  When xylitol is consumed, bacteria growth is inhibited.  The end result is, of course, better overall oral health.

Xylitol Dental Health and Oral Care Products

Today there is a range of products designed to take full advantage of what xylitol has to offer.  Gums, mouthwashes, toothpastes, mints and other products containing xylitol are becoming increasingly popular.  Many people are using xylitol products instead of fluoride.  As mentioned above, many dentists recommend xylitol as a part of a good overall dental health approach both for adults and children.

Low on the Glycemic Index with a Score of 7

Xylitol dental health benefits are numerous, but there are yet other benefits to using xylitol.  Xylitol is extremely low on the glycemic index scoring just 7 out of 100.  This means that xylitol is an exceptional sweetener for diabetics and those looking to significantly reduce their intake of sugary products.

Replace Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners with Dental Health Boosting Xylitol

Other benefits of xylitol include the fact that the sweetener has been tested to be completely safe.  Studies have shown that there is no known level of toxicity for xylitol among humans.  (Please note, however, that it has been shown to be toxic for dogs).  On the other hand, sugar and artificial sweeteners have been shown to have a negative impact on human health.

Unfortunately, sugar has been proven in studies to damage DNA, and artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer and other health concerns.  In short, artificial sweeteners should be avoided entirely, and sugar consumption should be limited as much as possible.

One way of limiting your exposure to sugar and artificial sweeteners is to switch to xylitol.  In the process of switching to xylitol, you are protecting your health in many different ways including taking advantage of the various xylitol dental health benefits.

Ultimately, there is no down side to using xylitol and plenty of potential benefits.  Should you use xylitol for dental health?  The answer would seem to be a big “yes!”  Studies have even shown that those who consume xylitol have a dramatically reduced risk of cavities.  If you want fewer cavities then one of the single best steps you can take is to consume less sugar and artificial sweeteners and begin either consuming xylitol or regularly using products that contain xylitol.

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Understanding the Importance of Xylitol Dental Health
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