Many people have still not heard of or used xylitol, but the benefits of xylitol are simply undeniable. What is it that makes xylitol so useful?  Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that has been studied for decades.  The conclusion of studies in countries ranging from Finland (where it is wildly popular and is consumed liberally) to the United States has been the xylitol is extremely safe.  But xylitol is more than just a simple all-natural sweetener.  In this article, we will explore the benefits of xylitol and why more and more people are making the switch.

Xylitol is a Superior Option to Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Studies have shown that xylitol is safe of human consumption.   Other studies have shown quite the opposite for artificial sweeteners and sugar.  Sugar has been shown to damage DNA, which means that sugar consumption may contribute to disease.  Moreover, artificial sweeteners have been shown in studies to be potentially dangerous and perhaps even linked to cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and other health problems.

Further, many artificial sweeteners have an unusual and, yes, artificial tastes.   Xylitol has a pleasant taste that is quite reminiscent of white sugar.  Replacing sugar and artificial sweeteners with xylitol is a smart move.

Benefits of Xylitol-Low on Glycemic Index and Low in Calories

Xylitol is low in calories and low on the glycemic index, which makes it attractive for diabetes and those looking to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.  Sugar is high in calories and can be extremely dangerous for diabetics.  While artificial sweeteners are used to control weight issues and prevent obesity, some studies have shown that it may, in fact, actually promote weight gain.  However, since xylitol is low in calories and low on the glycemic index, it is great for those who are diabetic or looking to fight issues like obesity.

Benefits of Xylitol-Helps Prevent Tooth Decay and Ear Infections

While all of these factors alone make xylitol a winner, there is yet more good news.  Xylitol also helps prevent tooth decay, as it inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause cavities.

Another reason that xylitol has garnered attention for its health benefits is that it appears to decrease ear infections.  In a study done with children, those consuming xylitol had a decreased risk of developing an ear infection.

Are there any drawbacks or issues related to using xylitol?  There is no known toxicity level in humans, but xylitol can be toxic to dogs.  Dogs should never be given xylitol.  Additionally, consuming large amounts of xylitol can have a laxative effect.  However, the benefits of xylitol outweigh these types of potential issues.

Xylitol-An All-Natural Sweetener that is Good for You

The benefits definitely add up where xylitol is concerned.  Xylitol is easy to consume, as it can be used as a replacement for sugar in many different ways.  Use or xylitol gums, candies, toothpaste and mouthwash are all ways that this natural sweetener is currently being used to protect against cavities.  Thanks to all of these tasty and convenient options, working xylitol into your diet and routine couldn’t be any easier.

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The Benefits of Xylitol
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