Did you know your sweet tooth could actually make your dentist happy? And we don’t mean because you’ll be paying them to fix your cavities, we mean, you could stop having cavities. It’s true; a sweetener can be the answer to your dental health problems.

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is known to help prevent cavities. It has a sweetness similar to sugar and can be used in place of it in a 1:1 ratio. However, xylitol isn’t just great as a sugar alternative, it can actually improve your oral health. Xylitol prevents the plaque bacteria from sticking to the teeth. When the plaque bacteria stick to the teeth it releases acid which gives you cavities.

Dentist have begun suggesting xylitol based products to their patients. In fact, many dentists are now recommending patients with small cavities go home and use xylitol products for 30 days, and then come back for a checkup, with many of them no longer needing a filling due to the xylitol remineralizing and reversing the cavity.

So how can you reap the benefits of this wonder product? There’s no need to change anything up in your daily routine, just change out the products you’re using. Generally speaking, for the amount of xylitol to be at decay-preventing levels it needs to be the first ingredient listed on a product. Xylitol must then be consumed about 3-5 times a day, for a total intake of 5 grams.

Over time, with regular xylitol use, the quality of bacteria in the mouth change and fewer and fewer decay-causing bacteria survive on the tooth surface. It’s even been shown that expecting mothers who use xylitol while pregnant significantly reduces the sharing of these cavity causing bacteria with their babies, so they have healthier teeth as well.

Xylitol is a safe product that has been approved by a number of agencies, including the US Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization’s Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives, and the European Union’s Scientific Committee for Food.

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Prevent Tooth Decay with Sweets
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