Having functioning and healthy nasal and sinus passageways can make a world of difference in your daily life. People with allergies often feel wary of enjoying a beautiful day outside because being exposed to allergens such as pollen, dust, and grass can mean serious breathing issues. Studies have shown that regular nasal irrigation can make a world of difference for those with allergies, offering them more control over their day to day lives.

With roots in ancient Indian culture, the oldest form of nasal irrigation, the neti pot, has been in use for a very long time. The Vedas (Indian healers, our equivalent to doctors) believed that clean nasal passageways coincided with the path of spiritual enlightenment, aiding in mood stabilizing, eradicating addiction, and other physical ailments.The process of nasal irrigation cleanses the nasal and sinus passageways by introducing a liquid flow through one nostril and draining out of the other. There are three methods of delivery: bulb syringe, squeeze bottle, or neti pot. The Muslim practice of ablutions does essentially the same thing and is routinely done prior to every prayer time–five times a day.

For a more detailed review of nasal irrigation, which includes the downsides of the practice see our post The Nose is a Nidus.

Along with saline, xylitol has its own cleansing properties. The xylitol washes away excess mucus and external contaminants while moisturizing the nasal and sinus passageways. It also interferes with the adherence of many harmful bateria. Visit our xylitol products page to find xylitol and saline nasal irrigation products.

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