Xylitol and Upper Respiratory Health

The nose is connected to many other things within the body that play a part in your overall health.

Upper respiratory infections are the most common health concerns for children and are one of the most common among adults as well.  These infections often come in the form of head colds and ear infections in children, and head colds and sinus infections in adults.

When an irritant, such as an allergen, pollen, virus, or bacteria finds its way into the nasal passages, the body’s first line of defense is to try to wash out the irritant by increasing the mucus drainage.  Unfortunately, things are rarely fixed by the first line of defense and turn into an upper respiratory infection.

A good way to help avoid upper respiratory infections, or to help treat them, is by working with the body’s natural defenses instead of inhibiting.  A xylitol nasal wash can help make the body’s efforts to wash out the irritants more effective.  

A nasal wash containing xylitol helps prevent bacteria from attaching to the tissues inside of the nasal cavity, the sinuses, and the throat.  This happens because xylitol creates a thin slick coating on the membranes causing bacteria to be washed away.  

Upper respiratory infections are the most common complaints primary care physicians receive.  The main treatment of these conditions is antibiotics, and their overuse is the primary source of antibiotic resistance.  Treating these symptoms with a xylitol nasal spray or xylitol sinus rinse is a natural, healthier solution that helps prevent the irritants from setting up shop to begin with.

Allergens and irritants not only lead to allergic disorders, they along with viral URIs and chronic sinus disease, are major triggers for asthma.  And unfortunately, since the early 1970s, we’ve seen a steady increase in these problems.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics for otitis and by the Centers for Disease Control for asthmas, these conditions have been increasing about 5% to 6% per year.  

Helping treat upper respiratory problems with a xylitol sinus product can help lessen head colds, allergy attacks, sinus infections and more.  

Upper Respiratory Health
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