Health conscious people recognize that sugar and artificial sweeteners present serious problems for your body. Over the years, artificial sweeteners have been linked to everything from neurological disorders to cancer, and more. While the results of these studies are often disputed, especially by the artificial sweetener industry, there is no doubt that many researchers and scientists are very concerned our health in regards to the types of sugars we consume.

You Want a Good Sweetener, but Where Should You Turn?

Many people are more than a little confused about which direction to turn when they need a healthy option to sweeten their food, when there are so many poor health results as a consequence. Sugar can wreak havoc with one’s blood sugar levels, causing blood glucose levels to rise sharply then fall. This is why you may feel out of energy not long after consuming sugary foods.

Xylitol doesn’t have this problem. In fact, one reason that people flock to the xylitol is that, unlike sugar, xylitol is actually a low-glycemic index food. This means that it is an excellent sweetener for diabetics.

What You Need to Know About Xylitol

Selecting a sweetener is actually a fairly easy process once you understand the benefits of xylitol. The xylitol sweetener option is a great one, as xylitol does not come with any of the potential drawbacks of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Many people opt for artificial sweeteners, despite the risk, due to the fact that they are low in calories. Ironically enough, recent studies have shown that low calorie sweeteners may trigger changes in the body that promote weight gain. Xylitol is very low in calories and, unlike artificial sweeteners, has no known toxicity or side effects.

When it comes to finding an artificial sweetener that is safe and works, xylitol comes out on top. Xylitol is not just safe and tasty, but it also can replace sugar in almost any food. Once you’ve tried xylitol for yourself, you’ll know that this product makes an excellent sweetener.

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